Christmas is here – woohoo?

Hmm its that time of year isnt it, the time when we are bombarded with demands to be happy, to be cheerful, to be festive, to be good lil consumers and to follow the crowd to consumer heaven.

Yes, im a grinch! Well not exactly, I just dont see the point of having something pushed in my face like this. Id much prefer a general feel of goodwill to fellow people all year round, little things here and there, a general nudge to be nice to fellow humans in our vicinity and hope it has a snowball effect.

Christmas doesnt really do that for me.  The packaged christmas is here to stay and it sucks.

Dont get me wrong, I love the feelgood factor, I just dont like the forced element.  I want to relax after a year at work, surrounded by my nearest and dearest, all cosy in the warmth with the cold outside. Doing homely wholesome activities, fire blazing, good food, good company and good cheer.
I dont need coca cola adverts for that. I dont need hollywood schmaltzy movies for that. I dont need adverts constantly on television for that!

All I need is some savings, plenty of stuff in my kitchen cupboards, good friends and some form of entertainment.

That to me is a perfect christmas in a nutshell.

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  1. I agree with you,christmas sucks. While i do the decorations,meal and preasents for the kids I hate everything else assiciated with it. I did volunteer a few hours on christmas day but I do that throughout the year. My kids get their presents, my close friends did get selfmade jewlery and key chains. They know it comes from the heart, it’s unique and I spend my valuable personal time making it. Having been once in an abusive relationship, I do enjoy and value peace and quiet now. I’m thankful for the little things I have and feel quiet fortunate because of that alone.

  2. I think how I approach the christmas season is partly formed by 2 very abusive relationships ive been in. Ive spent too many christmasses feeling lonely and sad, knowing I tried my best but the other person had a deeper agenda which manifested in them doing their damnest to make christmas miserable.

    I dont remember many good christmasses due to bad family memories and bad relationships so now I just do my good things, help others, then step back quietly to get through the season with minimal heartache.

    And ive matured to a point now where I enjoy doing it this way. Sure id love a situation where i sit around a table with 12 people, all wearing hats, laughter radiating, rosy cheeks and festive fun, but I dont think that is meant to happen to me, so ill make my happiness where I can realistically find it.

  3. My childhood memories were all very special and during that time I loved christmas. It started to get crappy once I married. If I did not have kids I would not celebrate any holiday, I could care less.
    You hit the nail on the head with making happiness where you can realistically find it, sometimes that means making somebody else happy.

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