Why do I always attract the nutters on twitter?

Hmm posting on here as each time I go on twitter I get inundated with right wing and left wing nutters bending my ear and pushing their ill researched nonsense in my face!

What is it about my writing style that attracts them though? So far ive been hounded by crazy pro cyclists who wittered on about how cars are evil and how they are the saviours of our roads and humanity.

By crazy vegans who just go on and on about every little animal right issue, who bleat on about factory farming, the evils of meat eating, the positives of a vegan diet, the need to set every one of gods creatures free and how we can one day be like them if we try a little bit harder!

Military nut cases who go on about the brave soldiers in the middle east, blindly encouraging their nearest and dearest to be pawns in a dreadful illegal war, killing poor innocent farmers and peasants, all because they actually believe what Fox and the other dystopian news agencies tell them.
I despair!

There must be something im doing to encourage them. Is it because I write provocatively? Is it because I unearth topics of conversation that their polite society prefers to hide under the carpet whilst sticking fingers in their ears?

I dont mind receiving peoples opinions. I welcome it whole heartedly, ESPECIALLY when they clearly and calmly prove me wrong and teach me something opposing to my opinion.

But when its clearly unhinged opinions when my valid answers and queries are side stepped because they are uncomfortable facts/opinions that kinda make their point of view on the matter nul and void.

Example:  I was talking on religion and richard dawkins and quoted ‘isnt it enough to know we have a beautiful garden without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it’ and up popped someone saying ‘but there ARE fairies, you HAVE to believe!’
I was like WTF?! She then proceeded to witter on about the subject for perhaps 10 tweets or so, just increasing my annoyance and despair at having to suffer such fools gladly.

Or another time when I was talking about the middle east ‘wars’ and an american woman kept replying saying that all muslims are evil scum and must be removed from our society. That FOX channel has the best and most honest news and that the wars are not illegal in any way.

I just dont know how to deal with people like that. Im not a rude person, I cant say ‘girl, you know fuck all about what you are talking about’ or to systematically destroy her opinion and reputation in front of her peers. Thats not my style.
So I calmly link her to facts and sites backing up my opinions, expressing that I have not used any absolutes in my tweets and am merely stating an individual opinion, hypothesising on probabilities, that im trying to lead a discussion towards a balanced answer and opinion.

That doesnt work for these people.  I work in Mental Health as well as other sectors and acknowledge that a human blinkered to the facts cannot be budged during the situation, only afterwards with hindsight and reflection.

So what do I do? Do I rudely put them on ‘block’? I hate doing that, I truly do. Id prefer to just say ‘ok we have opposing views which I respect and admire but have to accept that we will not agree on this matter’

Gah, it really takes the fun out of twitter!  I use twitter to voice my thoughts and so I can look back and reflect on them. To share news that may not make it to the mainstream. To share funnies with likeminded souls, friends and associates. I do NOT use twitter to be pestered by idiots who cant get their head around the basics of human civil communication.

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  1. Why? because you are truely openminded.:-) I do have my limits, and can not bother to talk with people that are rightwing or close to it, same thing with the overly religious. I do attract plenty of nutter on the Inet though. You think there is a nice person to chit chat with and within a week they feel the need to send u a pic of their erect cock with your name on it.:-( I don’t think I need to say more,lol

  2. Thanks for the compliment!

    I dont mind talking to right wing nuts as long as they are receptive and that theres a possibility of us both learning something. But if someone is devout religious or devoutly racist or opinionated then theres no point. They have a closed mind and therefore cannot be communicated with, so I cant be assed to waste my time on such people.

    Ill suffer fools a little bit but theres got to be limits to it!

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