How is your holiday season going?

Ive had a very quiet one and absolutely loved it.  I went shopping on the 23rd of dec and got loads of festive food and drink then took it round to a local crisis centre and gave it all to them. That felt really nice to do.
I wanted to help serve the homeless people there on christmas day but chose not to in the end, I dont know why but I felt quite melancholic (xmas does that to me) so had christmas on my own at home.

I preferred it. Lots of friends were worried and phoning me, asking me to come to their homes to share their abundance of food, festive cheer etc but I politely declined.

Christmas isnt such a happy time for me and I prefer to spend it quietly on my own, coming out of my shell a couple of days afterwards, ready to let go and have fun for new years eve.

I enjoy doing things this way though. I enjoy the quiet retrospective. And of course being able to avoid being trapped with people I spend the rest of the year avoiding…

I had nice food and drink, chose some good movies and a good book, avoided the dreadful christmas television scheduling and did things that I normally dont get round to doing.

I did my charitable bits and pieces, did some online volunteering work (i do moderation for freecycle groups around london) and worked through diaries and ‘to do’ lists for the coming year.

To me thats a successful christmas, im actually quite content doing things this way.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of holiday Papa.:-)On the 23rd I baked most of the day for the homeless shelter and on christmas day I did go for 3 hours and helped serve food in the local soup kitchen. Had cooked plenty of food at home, kids and friends were happy. If that is the case, I’m happy too. I avoided TV, as they show always the same reruns but I relaxed with some good music and wine. I enjoy the simple things in life, nothing can top that.:-)

  2. Wow we obviously have the same opinion on the christmas season! I think its wonderful that you did that for christmas and admire people so much who do it. I feel quite selfish in comparision. Sure I threw a bunch of money at some food and drink for people and gave it to charity, but anyone can through money at a problem.

    But you stuck around and actually got your hands dirty on christmas day. I respect that immensely.

    Also as I work for a social care charity we have lots of departments who all have a christmas party, so over december ive been to perhaps 7 (i think) this month, and by christmas im sick to death of festivities and christmas cheer!

    Now New Years, thats the one for me. Real hope and goodwill to wish in the new year, no religious connotations, just genuine goodwill and a huge party. In true roman saturnia tradition!

  3. I stuck around because I do not have the money to throw around. The important thing is to care and help. If you do something or give money(so things can be done), makes no difference.Important is only that one cares and to get involved.

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