The Summer has finally arrived in England

And its glorious!

We have had an odd couple of years weather wise here what with summers full of rain, miserable cold and grey winters, springs that seem to never make up their mind – last year we just went straight from summer (ish) to winter! Autumn/Fall is my favourite season too!
So I was delighted last winter when it was freezing cold, the country ground to a halt under ice and snow and everyone was moaning about how horrible it all is. I LOVED it. This is how things should be. Winter should be extreme, cold, snow covered and with home fires blazing. Summer should be hot – its the natural order of things!

Plus it confuses all the creatures if the seasons are all muddled up. Bees cant get their pollen, animals dont know when to come out of hibernation. Birds dont have a clue as to when to migrate etc and all in all it just messes up the natural order of things.

So im pleased this year has went as it should. Great winter, real spring  and now the summer has hit us big style!

Its how things should be! Apparantly we will have the hottest summer on record this year since 1976 – and thats a year when the whole country was slowed down under the heat and it got so hot that the pavements/sidewalks started to melt!

I love it.  I lived out in Italy for a bit and loved how the weather was real out there. No middle ground, no uncertainties. When it was hot it was DAMN hot and when it was cold it was ICY.
Im all prepared – I got an industrial strength air conditioner installed at home, an extra freezer to fill with ice and icecream, my car is convertible (im down to one car now) and its glorious to take the hood off, pump up the stereo and just drive!  And I got factor 30 suncream – BIG tub of it!

Yup, im gonna embrace this summer, gonna bask in its glory and say a big thanks to whatever creator is the true one for finally letting us have a year of seasons where things are as they are supposed to be.
Better make the most of it – its 2012 soon – end of the world (as we know it)!!

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