Papa now has a Mrs Papa!

Good News!

Papa has now gotten himself a gorgeous beautiful wonderful Wife!

I got married on the 5th November 2010 in a simple ceremony in Hackney, London.  Our friends and family enjoyed the ceremony and day so much, and we ended it dancing through the night at the Thatched House restaurant and club in Barking, Essex

It was a beautiful day and it felt so right. My wife is such a very beautiful, happy and loving woman and im so blessed to have her love and devotion.

We will have a much bigger ceremony in Kenya next spring, as there is no point spending such a huge amount of money here when it will go 10 times further over there.

Here is a photo

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Is it because I is Black? Whats in a Colour?

As many of my regular twitter followers will know, I often like to play with preconceptions of how people see me, who they think the person behind the tweets is, how they judge me and how they label me.

Back when I first started on Twitter I used my real name and identity but as im quite experienced in internet use on a professional level, im only too aware of how vulnerable we are to identity theft, phishing, and general hacking naughtiness when we share our personal details within social media networks and I was very reluctant to leave myself wide open like that.

So I decided to create an alter ego, an alternative persona that was still intrinsically me but where things werent so obvious. And even within the facts I decided to throw in segments of disinformation to keep the dystopian forces on their toes, and hopefully ‘out’ those people with agendas that conflict with mine.

So the identity I decided on was Yoruba man, partly based on the Fonejacker character George Agdgdgwngo – a nigerian 419 scammer with a colourful and incredibly funny personality.

The main reason for this, apart from me finding the persona to be very funny, is because i have a huge love of all things african and especially nigerian.  I just love the culture, the people, the ladies (!!) and pretty much everything about the place. I love how the peoples minds are just so FAST! how the people have endured so much suffering, still get treated atrociously by the world in general and still keep on keeping on, retaining their dignity, culture, roots, pride in the face of HUGE adversity.

These are a people who the world dismiss as dirty liars, scammers, villains, but in reality they are a noble ancient race, very highly intelligent and skilled, who have been put through the worst horrors humanity has ever seen due to the slave trade, building of american empire etc and still manage to keep on fighting.

I love and admire them so much.  So much that many of my nigerian friends say im more nigerian than they are, and that underneath my WHITE exterior, im a true naija boy at heart. Its a HUGE compliment 🙂

The point of this post is to firstly point out why I have my persona on twitter and where it comes from, and also to point out that its been an amazing social experiment. Just because I dont actively tell people my nationality and creed, I just let people make their own assumptions and make their own judgements and they are nearly ALWAYS wrong!

Ive had so many people make false assumptions or go on about their nasty little politics on Twitter without them realising who I really am or how very very wrong they are about me.

Its certainly brought the racists out of the closet too. Some very very simple minded black american ladies mainly, ranting on about stuff they have NO IDEA about, having their arguments blown out of the water almost instantly by Moi, and essentially teaching them a lesson about how it is so wrong to judge another person and how assumptions often make someone look very foolish.

Its delicious, I just hand them the rope and they happily jump from the gallows.  Sometimes its the only way to show bigots up, its the only way to show the futility of judging someone based on their colour, how underneath we all bleed, we all feel pain, we all want love. How underneath, cultural differences aside – WE ARE ALL THE SAME NO MATTER WHAT LEVELS OF MELANIN OUR BODY PRODUCES.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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The Summer has finally arrived in England

And its glorious!

We have had an odd couple of years weather wise here what with summers full of rain, miserable cold and grey winters, springs that seem to never make up their mind – last year we just went straight from summer (ish) to winter! Autumn/Fall is my favourite season too!
So I was delighted last winter when it was freezing cold, the country ground to a halt under ice and snow and everyone was moaning about how horrible it all is. I LOVED it. This is how things should be. Winter should be extreme, cold, snow covered and with home fires blazing. Summer should be hot – its the natural order of things!

Plus it confuses all the creatures if the seasons are all muddled up. Bees cant get their pollen, animals dont know when to come out of hibernation. Birds dont have a clue as to when to migrate etc and all in all it just messes up the natural order of things.

So im pleased this year has went as it should. Great winter, real spring  and now the summer has hit us big style!

Its how things should be! Apparantly we will have the hottest summer on record this year since 1976 – and thats a year when the whole country was slowed down under the heat and it got so hot that the pavements/sidewalks started to melt!

I love it.  I lived out in Italy for a bit and loved how the weather was real out there. No middle ground, no uncertainties. When it was hot it was DAMN hot and when it was cold it was ICY.
Im all prepared – I got an industrial strength air conditioner installed at home, an extra freezer to fill with ice and icecream, my car is convertible (im down to one car now) and its glorious to take the hood off, pump up the stereo and just drive!  And I got factor 30 suncream – BIG tub of it!

Yup, im gonna embrace this summer, gonna bask in its glory and say a big thanks to whatever creator is the true one for finally letting us have a year of seasons where things are as they are supposed to be.
Better make the most of it – its 2012 soon – end of the world (as we know it)!!

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How is your holiday season going?

Ive had a very quiet one and absolutely loved it.  I went shopping on the 23rd of dec and got loads of festive food and drink then took it round to a local crisis centre and gave it all to them. That felt really nice to do.
I wanted to help serve the homeless people there on christmas day but chose not to in the end, I dont know why but I felt quite melancholic (xmas does that to me) so had christmas on my own at home.

I preferred it. Lots of friends were worried and phoning me, asking me to come to their homes to share their abundance of food, festive cheer etc but I politely declined.

Christmas isnt such a happy time for me and I prefer to spend it quietly on my own, coming out of my shell a couple of days afterwards, ready to let go and have fun for new years eve.

I enjoy doing things this way though. I enjoy the quiet retrospective. And of course being able to avoid being trapped with people I spend the rest of the year avoiding…

I had nice food and drink, chose some good movies and a good book, avoided the dreadful christmas television scheduling and did things that I normally dont get round to doing.

I did my charitable bits and pieces, did some online volunteering work (i do moderation for freecycle groups around london) and worked through diaries and ‘to do’ lists for the coming year.

To me thats a successful christmas, im actually quite content doing things this way.

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Christmas is here – woohoo?

Hmm its that time of year isnt it, the time when we are bombarded with demands to be happy, to be cheerful, to be festive, to be good lil consumers and to follow the crowd to consumer heaven.

Yes, im a grinch! Well not exactly, I just dont see the point of having something pushed in my face like this. Id much prefer a general feel of goodwill to fellow people all year round, little things here and there, a general nudge to be nice to fellow humans in our vicinity and hope it has a snowball effect.

Christmas doesnt really do that for me.  The packaged christmas is here to stay and it sucks.

Dont get me wrong, I love the feelgood factor, I just dont like the forced element.  I want to relax after a year at work, surrounded by my nearest and dearest, all cosy in the warmth with the cold outside. Doing homely wholesome activities, fire blazing, good food, good company and good cheer.
I dont need coca cola adverts for that. I dont need hollywood schmaltzy movies for that. I dont need adverts constantly on television for that!

All I need is some savings, plenty of stuff in my kitchen cupboards, good friends and some form of entertainment.

That to me is a perfect christmas in a nutshell.

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Why do I always attract the nutters on twitter?

Hmm posting on here as each time I go on twitter I get inundated with right wing and left wing nutters bending my ear and pushing their ill researched nonsense in my face!

What is it about my writing style that attracts them though? So far ive been hounded by crazy pro cyclists who wittered on about how cars are evil and how they are the saviours of our roads and humanity.

By crazy vegans who just go on and on about every little animal right issue, who bleat on about factory farming, the evils of meat eating, the positives of a vegan diet, the need to set every one of gods creatures free and how we can one day be like them if we try a little bit harder!

Military nut cases who go on about the brave soldiers in the middle east, blindly encouraging their nearest and dearest to be pawns in a dreadful illegal war, killing poor innocent farmers and peasants, all because they actually believe what Fox and the other dystopian news agencies tell them.
I despair!

There must be something im doing to encourage them. Is it because I write provocatively? Is it because I unearth topics of conversation that their polite society prefers to hide under the carpet whilst sticking fingers in their ears?

I dont mind receiving peoples opinions. I welcome it whole heartedly, ESPECIALLY when they clearly and calmly prove me wrong and teach me something opposing to my opinion.

But when its clearly unhinged opinions when my valid answers and queries are side stepped because they are uncomfortable facts/opinions that kinda make their point of view on the matter nul and void.

Example:  I was talking on religion and richard dawkins and quoted ‘isnt it enough to know we have a beautiful garden without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it’ and up popped someone saying ‘but there ARE fairies, you HAVE to believe!’
I was like WTF?! She then proceeded to witter on about the subject for perhaps 10 tweets or so, just increasing my annoyance and despair at having to suffer such fools gladly.

Or another time when I was talking about the middle east ‘wars’ and an american woman kept replying saying that all muslims are evil scum and must be removed from our society. That FOX channel has the best and most honest news and that the wars are not illegal in any way.

I just dont know how to deal with people like that. Im not a rude person, I cant say ‘girl, you know fuck all about what you are talking about’ or to systematically destroy her opinion and reputation in front of her peers. Thats not my style.
So I calmly link her to facts and sites backing up my opinions, expressing that I have not used any absolutes in my tweets and am merely stating an individual opinion, hypothesising on probabilities, that im trying to lead a discussion towards a balanced answer and opinion.

That doesnt work for these people.  I work in Mental Health as well as other sectors and acknowledge that a human blinkered to the facts cannot be budged during the situation, only afterwards with hindsight and reflection.

So what do I do? Do I rudely put them on ‘block’? I hate doing that, I truly do. Id prefer to just say ‘ok we have opposing views which I respect and admire but have to accept that we will not agree on this matter’

Gah, it really takes the fun out of twitter!  I use twitter to voice my thoughts and so I can look back and reflect on them. To share news that may not make it to the mainstream. To share funnies with likeminded souls, friends and associates. I do NOT use twitter to be pestered by idiots who cant get their head around the basics of human civil communication.

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Welcome to Papa’s Page!

Hi everyone and welcome to Papa’s Page!
This is intended as an extension of my twitter musings, rantings, philosophising and general banter.

You know how sometimes you cant express yourself within just 140 characters? Well thats why I created this, purely as an extension to my Twitter page @ and so that I can keep track of my ideas, thoughts in a more secure way than to simply twitter them.
Watch this space!

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